Real Estate & Interest Rates thoughts & predictions; what to watch.

As we approach the final quarter of yet another year it feels like yesterday we were all trying to survive the 2008 financial collapse that hit every single person alive and their household. Things have changed a lot since…

First Class knowledge deserves First Class presentation.

14 years of experience in generating my own business, my own leads, my own relationships will now be taught in one place, on LIGHTSPEED VT first class, state of the art interactive training and education platform.

VanNote began educating realtors in the game…

Always look to cross collateralize with other assets (if possible)

One thing I have learned in my private lending and brokering journey is in order to get what you want you must pledge what you know you don’t want to lose. Collateral. You can never have too much collateral pledged.

The pain coming is inevitable and you need to read this article NOW.

March 2022. When covid-19 first shut down the world I came out and predicted we wouldn’t see the worst of the repercussions until March 2022, as I had believed we were about to see the worst on…

Jeff VanNote

The Mortgage Quarterback. 14 Year Entrepreneur. Host of the Deposit That Podcast. Sports Card Investor. CEO of reverifi.

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