The Investment for the Pandemic

Jeff VanNote
6 min readMay 23, 2020

Some investors are up 9,905% since March 27

The hobby of sports card collecting, investing, buying, and grading is back! Like myself, who stopped collecting in 1998, Peyton Manning’s rookie year, went to be a “Grown up” for the next 20 years. That was, until my ankle shattered and my entire life fell apart because of it. A friend came over to keep me company the day of the surgery and put me on to buying cards again. And I haven’t looked back. I have spent the last 21 months studying trends and consumer behavior for at least 9 hours per day, every day, if not more. This brings me to the greatest ROI I have ever witnessed and there is still much more room to run.

Topps 2020 released at the end of march, in the early chaos of the pandemic. Naturally, due to the unknown, I had to be cautious of putting any money into anything I couldn’t get back if and when I needed it. So I put $85 into 5 Mike Trout cards (Card #4), with an average price of say $16.50. That same card yesterday, just sold for $1,000. But that is not even the best investment (yet).

First lets look at the good old supply and demand chapter back in school. If 10 people want something, and there are only 5 in existence, prices go up. If only 10 items exist, and yet only 5 people want them, prices go down. Having studied the card market, supply and demand is the biggest factor, as less supply means more rare, means much more demand. So, I began studying print runs, as you can find here

I then began following each artist on instagram, to name a few @tysonbeck has 93k followers, @benballer has 1.4M, yes million, @ermsy has 102k, and @misterctoons 646k, and I said holy. crap. Sell your cards you are sitting on, you NEED to buy at least 1 of these cards of every release. Why? Supply and demand. Take benballer for example. The 1st ICHIRO card as seen below has a print run of 1,334. That means only 1,334 people in america will own one, and some have a few. 1.4 million people follow him alone, not adding ichiro fans world wide, or topps collectors from the years, or baseball fans, and that means that the demand will outweight the supply, which is why that card sold for $2,000 yesterday. Yes, it actually doubled over night. On May…

Jeff VanNote

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